Dean of University Instruction

Noticeboard: General Notices / Department Circular / Notifications

1. 10/08/2022Partition Horrors Rememberance Day
2. 10/08/2022Launch of "UGC e-resources Portal"
3. 08/08/2022Reminder-2 Regarding efforts for increasing number of admissions for the session 2022-2023
4. 05/08/2022State/UT Community-wise Physical Allocation of Scholarships
5. 03/08/2022Faculty-wise Schedule of meeting with the Vice Chancellor
6. 02/08/2022Urgent Meeting on 02.8.2022 at 4.00 p.m.
7. 01/08/2022Ajadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav
8. 28/07/2022L.R. Mundra Memorial Scholarship 2022-23
9. 27/07/2022Circular regarding NEP-2020 alligned Syllabus
10. 27/07/2022Circular Regarding Uploading bio-data on PU Website
11. 26/07/2022Circular regarding Empanelement of Professors in Indian Studies
12. 26/07/2022UGC Online meeting regarding National Higher Education Qualifications Framework
13. 26/07/2022Har-Ghar Tiranga Programme
14. 22/07/2022Extension of last date of online admission form for PG courses
15. 20/07/2022Revised Admission Schedule - UG courses 2022-23
16. 20/07/2022In continuation of earlier Circular regarding Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav --Essay Competion and Symposium on 7th Aug. 2022
17. 20/07/2022IET India Scholarship Award 2022
18. 20/07/2022Syllabus for Consumer Affairs
19. 19/07/2022Circular regarding UGC Guidelines for promotion of Academic Integrity and Prevention of Plagiarism in HEI
20. 15/07/2022Revised Admission Schedule for UG Courses for the Session 2022-2023
21. 15/07/2022Participation of students in - Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav
22. 14/07/2022Circular regarding Rajiv Gandhi National Sadbhavna Award
23. 08/07/2022Ph.D Seats - Reminder
24. 07/07/2022Circular regarding External Examiners.
25. 07/07/2022Circular efforts for increasing number of admisison for the academic session 2022-202
26. 06/07/2022Circular inviting proposals from students
27. 05/07/2022Circular regarding Akhil Bhartiya Siksha Samagam
28. 29/06/2022List of activities for NAAC Prepation
29. 29/06/2022Circular - Shortage of lectures
30. 28/06/2022NAAC Student's feedback
31. 26/06/2022Admission Notice 2022-23
32. 23/06/2022Faculty wise Schedule of interaction with the Vice Chancellor
33. 23/06/2022Circular regarding Credit Framework for online learning courses
34. 21/06/2022Circular regarding Ph.D. Entrance Test 2022
35. 21/06/2022Regarding Number of seats
36. 21/06/2022Efforts for increasing number of admission
37. 21/06/2022Cyber internship form
38. 21/06/2022National Quiz on Financial Sector
39. 15/06/2022Circular Regarding Nomination for Senior Expert Counsellors
40. 15/06/2022Sample format
41. 13/06/2022Circular regarding shortage of attendance
42. 09/06/2022Observance of 26th June 2022 as International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficing
43. 01/06/2022To increase number of applicants for various courses for the session 2022-23
44. 31/05/2022Vice Chancellor's Address today 31.05.2022 at 04.00 p.m.Senate Hall
45. 18/05/2022Notice Inviting Quotation for publishing of Admission Notice 2022-2023
46. 11/05/202213th Asian Criminology Conference
47. 11/05/2022Grievance Redressal Cell for Students
48. 11/05/2022Circular regarding admissions
49. 11/05/2022Circular regarding Refreshing Course
50. 02/05/2022Franco Indian Campus Initiative
51. 02/05/2022Internship opportunites for students
52. 02/05/2022UGC lecture serioes on academic best practices
53. 02/05/2022Invite for participation
54. 02/05/2022Circular regarding nomination for gold medal
55. 02/05/2022Invitation for 12 days capacity building program
56. 02/05/2022Circular regarding Rewinding of fans etc.
57. 02/05/2022Invitation for Nominations
58. 02/05/2022For finalization of Ph.D. guidelines pertaining to Arts & Social Sciences Deptts
59. 21/04/2022Framework for implementation of NEP-2020
60. 21/04/2022Regarding Students' protests
61. 20/04/2022Enrolment of students in Cyber Swachhta YUVA Club
62. 20/04/2022Circular regarding 17th National Seminar by NSS
63. 12/04/2022Circular-condonation of lectures
64. 08/04/2022Circular regarding maintenance of stock register
65. 06/04/2022Circular regarding panel of examiners
66. 31/03/2022Pariksha Pe Charcha 2022
67. 31/03/2022Plantation activities by various stakeholders as directed by Hon'ble Union Home Minister, Govt. of India
68. 31/03/2022Short Term Indian Faculty Secondment Progm
69. 22/03/2022Reminder-2 Handbook of Information for the session 2022
70. 14/03/2022Circular regarding empanelment in AIU Consultancy Services
71. 14/03/2022Circular regargarding technical textbook award 2021
72. 14/03/2022Scholarship for girls from North EasternStates
73. 11/03/2022To invite feedback and suggestions reg. draft guidelines for transforming higher education institutions into multidisciplinary.
74. 10/03/2022Fellowship opportunity for students
75. 10/03/2022Guidelines regarding procurement of specialized equipments for research purposes
76. 10/03/2022Guidelines regarding procurement of specialized equipments for research purposes
77. 10/03/2022Circular regarding submission of Ph.D. thesis
78. 03/03/2022Regarding Internet Allowance
79. 02/03/2022Circular Regarding Reopening of University
80. 28/02/2022Reminder- Handbook of Information for the session 2022
81. 24/02/2022Anti Drug E pledge - reg.
82. 21/02/2022Ph.D & M.Phil schedule - Revised
83. 15/02/2022Annual Essay Prize Competition & members Annual Conference
84. 15/02/2022Matri Basha Diwas
85. 11/02/2022Last date of submission of applications for M.Phil & Ph.D extended
86. 09/02/2022Circular regarding M.phil and Ph.D Admission for the session 2021-22
87. 09/02/2022Regarding Covid-19 vaccination to students
88. 08/02/2022Circular Regarding functioning of University in physical mode
89. 07/02/2022Circular for Nominations for Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize
90. 07/02/2022Pariksha pe Charcha
91. 25/01/2022Admission Form for M.Phil for the session 2021-22
92. 25/01/2022M.phil / Ph.D Admission Schedule
93. 14/01/2022Providing of information for Annual Event Calendar 2022.
94. 12/01/2022Minutes of meeting in light of guidelines issued by Chandigarh Administration, held on January 12, 2022.
95. 11/01/2022Regarding internet/online allowance.
96. 11/01/2022Haryana State Commission for Protection of Child Rights is offering internship opportunities for interested individuals.
97. 11/01/2022On the Spot Essay Writing Competition-2022 for PG students of Statistics.
98. 04/01/2022Circular regarding National Collegium of Assessors
99. 27/12/2021UGC-SATAT initiative.
100. 27/12/2021Formation of Departmental Committees for the year 2022
101. 27/12/2021Board of Control for the year 2022
102. 27/12/2021Circular regarding Vidyanjali Initiative
103. 15/12/2021Circular regarding shortage of attendance for odd semester
104. 14/12/2021Nominations for fifth Training Course for GLP Inspectors, February-2022.
105. 13/12/2021Reminder-I Data of students admitted (1st Semester) for the Session 2021-22
106. 09/12/2021Circular Regarding Vidyanjali Program
107. 02/12/2021Circular to provide contact details to IQAC
108. 01/12/2021Global FinTech event "Infinity Forum" on December 3 and 4, 2021 in virtual mode.
109. 01/12/2021New Delhi World Book Fair- January 8-16, 2022.
110. 30/11/2021Regarding participation in a completion "Know your Rivers"
111. 26/11/2021Reg. Nadi Ko Jano-Know your Rivers, e-mail received from UGC (through AISHE).
112. 25/11/2021Celebration of Constitution Day on 26th Nov., 2021.
113. 24/11/2021Requirement of action taken report for SSR, NAAC.
114. 23/11/2021No of students admitted 2021-22 - CIRCULAR
115. 22/11/2021INSA Medal for Young Scientists (2022).
116. 18/11/2021Requirement of action taken report for SSR, NAAC.
117. 18/11/2021Summary of meeting of all Chairpersons dated 31.08.2021.
118. 18/11/2021ADDENDUM - regarding extension of last date
119. 12/11/2021QualitatQualitative Questions pertaining to PU governance & Best practices
120. 12/11/2021Data & supporting documents for submission to NAAC
121. 12/11/2021Admission date extended
122. 11/11/2021Circular regarding Revision of Photo Electoral Rolls
123. 10/11/2021To apply online on National Scholarship Portal under Merit-cum-Means based scholarship Scheme by minority communities students of professional and technical courses for the session 2021-2022.
124. 09/11/2021Circular regarding Name of Experts for NCTE
125. 25/10/2021Circular regarding Sir C.V. Raman Young Scientist Award 2021
126. 08/10/2021Circular regarding nominations for awards
127. 05/10/2021Circular Regarding Foreign Language Teaching Fellowship
128. 01/10/2021Circular regarding submission of Research Paper
129. 21/09/2021Webinar on Good Governance
130. 15/09/2021Supply of Annual Aduit Report
131. 15/09/2021Regarding Internship
132. 14/09/2021Regarding scholarship
133. 14/09/2021Webinar by AIU and Swadeshi Shodh Sansthan
134. 09/09/2021Indira Gandhi Award for National Integration
135. 09/09/2021Regarding award for blind students (PG)
136. 09/09/2021Award for blind students (M.Phil)
137. 09/09/2021Regarding Inpire Faculty Fellowship
138. 07/09/2021Application for minor and major research-MGNCRE
139. 03/09/2021Reg Preparation of Merit
140. 03/09/2021Instruction for admission list - PG courses
141. 02/09/2021Fee Migration Form
142. 01/09/2021Regarding New panel of Experts
143. 01/09/2021Revsied Admission schedule for PG courses 2021-22
144. 24/08/2021AIU Introduces New Schemes for Member Universities
145. 23/08/2021Extension of last ate for applying for PG Courses for the session 2021-2022 (30.8.2021)
146. 16/08/2021Revsied Admission schedule for UG courses 2021-22
147. 11/08/2021last date extended for filling up admission forms (UG)
148. 10/08/2021Fit India Freedom Run
149. 10/08/2021Rendering of National Anthem
150. 10/08/2021Regarding suspension of attendance for the academic session 2020-21
151. 09/08/2021NEP-2020: Open Discussion Session on Research, Innovation and Ranking.
152. 09/08/2021Admission Schedule for PG Courses for the session 2021-2022
153. 09/08/2021Admission Schedule for UG Courses for the session 2021-2022
154. 30/07/2021Schedule - NEP 2020
155. 29/07/2021Regarding submission of documents (audited consolidated Utilization Certificate for settlement of accounts under SAP scheme
156. 28/07/2021Schedule of NEP Event to be held on 29.07.2021
157. 27/07/2021Circular regarding Vaccination status of students
158. 23/07/2021Urgent/ Time Bound Notice regarding to provide mobile number of faculty as well as dealing offcial.
159. 14/07/2021German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)
160. 13/07/2021Three Hour Workshop on Protection of Women from SexualHarassment at Workplace Act,
161. 25/06/2021Academic Job Portal at UGC Website
162. 21/06/2021Circular regarding shortage of attendance for even semester.
163. 18/06/2021Notice for inviting quotations for publishing Admission Notice-2021-22
164. 15/06/2021Engineering Innovation Challenge (EIC) 2021.
165. 15/06/2021Minutes of Standing Committee reg. implementation of policies and programmes of GOI, UGC and State Govt. for SC and ST.
166. 15/06/2021Youth Webinar-Business Yoga from Bhagavad Gita-On the Eve of Yoga Day.
167. 09/06/2021Suggestions/Comments regarding blended mode of teaching-concept note
168. 09/06/2021Suggestions/Comments regarding blended mode of teaching
169. 03/06/2021Three Hour workshop on protection of Women from Sexual Harassment at Workplace Act, 2013.
170. 27/05/2021Advertisiement for 3 posts of Junior Technician (G-III)
171. 27/05/2021Regarding Registration for Award on Taxonomy 2020 -
172. 24/05/2021Renewal Cases under Haryana State Merit Scholarship
173. 21/05/2021Circular regarding M.Phil & Ph.D Entrance Test 2021
174. 21/05/2021Circular Regarding Full Bright-Nehry and Fullbright Kalam Postdoc. Res.Fellowship
175. 19/05/2021Contact numbers of dealing officials enganged in admission processs for the session 2021-2022
176. 07/05/2021UGC Notification - Offline exams be kept in abeyance in may 2021
177. 29/04/2021COVID SOP
178. 09/04/2021Circular regarding Guest/Temporary Faculty workload.
179. 05/04/2021Circular to report COVID-19 positive cases to Chairpersons/HODs immediately through e-mail.
180. 01/04/2021Original Hindi Book Writing Award Scheme on "Culture" for the calendar years 2019 and 2020-regarding.
181. 24/03/2021Virtual CME Reg. Animal Models in Health and Disease (Sunday, 11th April, 2021) by PGIMER, Chandigarh.
182. 19/03/2021Regarding short term Indian faculty secondment to Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Bangkok.
183. 19/03/2021Cicular regarding AIU Collaboration Portal
184. 17/03/2021Circular regarding Postgraduate Final Semester Students
185. 15/03/2021Circular Regarding prerequisites for Cancellation of Ph.D. Registration
186. 10/03/2021Reminder regarding HBI-2021
187. 10/03/2021Celebration of India's 75 years of independence
188. 09/03/2021Celebration of India's 75 years of Independence
189. 05/03/2021Regarding Celebration of International Women’s Day (IWD)-2021.
190. 22/02/2021International Matribhasha Diwas
191. 16/02/2021Nominations invited for Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar (SSB) Prize for Science and Technology 2021.
192. 12/02/2021Circular regarding shortage of attendance.
193. 02/02/2021Revised Guidelines for holding online/virtual Conferences/Seminars/Trining, etc.
194. 29/01/2021Circular Regarding maintenance of Lab Equipments
195. 27/01/2021Data of admitted students in the session 2020-21
196. 14/01/2021Proposal for Book Writing in Hindi Language for UG/Polytechnics courses as per AICTE's Model curriculum.
197. 14/01/2021To immediately install CCTV cameras in those Departments, where Heritage furniture is avaialable.
198. 30/12/2020Admission form for M.Phil Course for the session 2020-2021
199. 30/12/2020Notice regarding Admission Schedule to Ph.D/ M.Phil courses for the session 2020-2021
200. 29/12/2020Regarding Board of Control for the Year 2021
201. 29/12/2020Regarding 2nd installment of tuition fee for 1st semester students- Revised
202. 29/12/2020Reminder regarding Departmental Committees for the Year 2021
203. 24/12/2020No Winder Break in PU Departments/Regional Centres 2020-21
204. 18/12/2020All Chairperson Meeting to be held on 28.12.2020
205. 14/12/2020Celeberating 71-years of Constitution of India
206. 14/12/2020FEE STRUCTURE FOR 1st and 2nd SEMESTER (1st year) - SESSION 2020-2021
207. 11/12/2020Regarding formation of Departmental Committees for the Year 2021
208. 11/12/2020Regarding Board of Control for the Year 2021
209. 10/12/2020Circular regading 2nd Installment of Tuition fee to be charged from newly admitted students for the session 2020-2021
210. 03/12/2020Circular regarding financial subsidy to teachers/employees
211. 27/11/2020Online Lecture on Fundamental rights and duties by Hon'ble Justice Suryakant on 29.11.20 at 11.50 am
212. 27/11/2020UGC communication regarding Revision of Social Work Curriculum based onLOCF
213. 27/11/2020Minutes of All Chairperson Meeting held on 24.10.20
214. 27/11/2020Regarding Action taken by the Chairpersons of the minutes dated 24.10.2020
215. 26/11/2020Extension of last date of admission
216. 20/11/2020Rules, regulations and procedures for award of M.phil PhD degree
217. 17/11/2020Interchangeability & Transfer of Seats.
218. 05/11/2020Regarding Research Journals
219. 03/11/2020circular regarding instruction to be followed by the Teaching Departments concerning Admission to PG courses fo the session 2020-2021
220. 03/11/2020circular regarding category / weightages
221. 03/11/2020Registration for Workshop organized by Mahatama Gandhi State Institute of Public Administration
222. 30/10/2020Fee structure for PG Courses (new admission) for the session 2020-2021
223. 23/10/2020Revised Admission schedule for LL. B Three Year for the session 2020-2021
224. 22/10/2020Admission Schedule for PG Courses for the Academic Session 2020-2021
225. 19/10/2020Admission Criteria for Admission to Various PG courses for the session 2020-2021
226. 07/10/2020Nomination for eminent scientists and technologists for the Post of Director for CSIR-IITR Lucknow
227. 30/09/2020Extension of last date of filling of online admission form upto 15.10.2020
228. 24/09/2020Circular regarding COVI-19 SOP
229. 24/09/2020Notice Regarding Suspension of Financial Subsity for attending conferences
230. 24/09/2020Circular regardding guidelines/instrcutions for evaluation of answersheets and others
231. 24/09/2020Information to be provided to DIT
232. 24/09/2020Webinar on National Education Policy 2020-21
233. 18/09/2020Suspension of financial Subsidy to teachers or employees
234. 18/09/2020Experts in Indian Studies & Indian Languages for depuation to Chair abroad
235. 16/09/2020Circular - pattern for attemting question paper
236. 14/09/2020To Maintain outgoing students' Data and to upload Programme Specific outcomes and Course Outcomes
237. 11/09/2020Circular Regarding Issuance of Compliance Certificate to Ph.D. holders
238. 11/09/2020MAKA Trophy felicitation programme on 11.9.2020
239. 08/09/2020Circular for final semester examinations
240. 08/09/2020Conduct of online Viva-Voce/presentation etc. for final semester examinations (Undergraduate/Postgraduate/vocational/diploma/ etc. September, 2020 .
241. 08/09/2020Instructions for Colleges
242. 08/09/2020Conduct of undergraduate/postgraduate (final semester) September, 2020
243. 08/09/2020Date- Sheet for B.Sc. (Hons.) Bioinformatics/Biotechnology
244. 08/09/2020Date-sheet for Bachelor of Computer Applications (B.C.A)
245. 08/09/2020Date-sheet for Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.)
246. 08/09/2020Date sheet for B COM. 6th Semester General Honours
247. 08/09/2020Date- Sheet for the B.A./B.Sc. (General) (Exam Code: 0006 )&B.A./B.Sc. (Honours)
248. 25/08/2020Date of filling of online admission form for PG extended upto 30.09.2020
249. 21/08/2020Reg New Education Policy 2020
250. 19/08/2020Nomination for Vishwa Gujarati Samaj
251. 14/08/2020Admission schedule for UG course
252. 14/08/2020To depute Nodal officer to address the grievances of students
253. 14/08/2020Circular
254. 13/08/2020Reg - Online Classes
255. 11/08/2020Circular - Regarding Promotion, Examination, Admission of USOL students
256. 11/08/2020Circular - Transfer of students on Medical ground
257. 11/08/2020Cicular - Ongoing classes, Promotion, fees
258. 06/08/2020Extension of date for filling of admission form of PG courses
259. 30/07/2020Admission and time table
260. 27/07/2020Admission form for Ongoing Classes for session 2020-21.
261. 27/07/2020Project Thesis Work of U.G. and P.G. Courses
262. 13/07/2020Reg: Admission to various courses for the Academic Session 2020-21
263. 07/07/2020Intercation with Chairpersons on 09.07.2020 and 10.07.2020 (through WebEx)
264. 04/06/2020Circular : Internal Assessment
265. 02/06/2020Annexure - A with Circular
266. 14/05/2020urgent notice
267. 14/05/2020Reg; Mobile number of department's officials dealing admission
268. 22/04/2020Webniar
269. 21/04/2020ROTARY CLUB
270. 21/04/2020GMSH-16
271. 21/04/2020PGI-12
272. 13/04/2020Reg : online classes
273. 13/04/2020To instruct the sweepers Cleaners residing in P.U. Campus (Sector 14 and 25) to report daily
274. 13/04/2020To Conduct One Day Seminar Conference Workshop through online mode
275. 13/04/2020Circular
276. 11/04/2020Covid-19
277. 09/04/2020Webinar Online Campus Placements during Covid-19 Pandemic on 10.4.2020 Time 11.30 a.m. - 12.30 pm
278. 30/01/2020Maintenance of Stock register regarding usage of ACID
279. 15/01/2020Dates of Various Entrance Tests of Panjab University in 2020
280. 30/12/2019Reg Verification of medical certifidates of students
281. 30/12/2019SC ST representative in all the admission committees
282. 26/11/2019Inviting proposals for starting new courses for the session 2020-21
283. 21/11/2019Departmental committee and BOC
284. 06/09/2019Extension of Last date for admission upto 11.09.2019
285. 03/09/2019Extension of Last date for admission to various courses
286. 31/08/2019Reg Medical Examination
287. 30/08/2019Anti-Ragging measures for implemention in all the Teaching Departments/Centres/Institutes including Regional/Rural Centres.
288. 24/07/2019Circular regarding counselling in all Departments/Centres/Institutes
289. 03/07/2019Extension of Last date for Online Admission Form
290. 02/07/2019ONE PAGE NOTE - Reminder 3
291. 26/06/2019ONE PAGE NOTE - Reminder
292. 17/06/2019Login IDs and password for admissions
293. 17/06/2019Reg : Start of New courses
294. 29/04/2019Rules for condonation of lectures - blood donation camp
295. 25/04/2019Minutes of the meeting of the Chairpersons of all Teaching Departments, held on April 9, 2019.
296. 24/04/2019Information with regard to filled-up seats under NRI/Foreign National Categories.
297. 04/04/2019Rules for condonation of lectures for attendance
298. 22/03/2019Minutes of the meeting of all Chairpersons, held on March 7, 2019.
299. 05/02/2019Minutes of the meeting of all Chairpersons, held on January 22, 2019.
300. 29/01/2019Circular regarding NET qualified result in respect of Ph.D. enrolment
301. 16/01/2019Minutes of the meeting of all Chairpersons, held on December 24, 2018
302. 07/12/2018Minutes of the meeting of all Chairpersons, held on November 15-16, 2018.
303. 03/12/2018Revised Rule for condonation of lectures alongwith the revised proforma
304. 14/11/2018Rules for condonation of lectures for attendance
305. 13/11/2018Circular regarding shortage of attendance
306. 24/09/2018Proforma : No of students admitted in session 2018-19
307. 10/09/2018Revised Admission Schedule of M.Phil & Ph.d alongwith admission form for Ph.D
308. 04/09/2018Admission Form
309. 31/08/2018M.Phil and Ph.D admission 2018
310. 31/08/2018Extension of last date of admission
311. 29/08/2018Circular reg. students issues
312. 29/08/2018Circular regarding finalizing dates for Seminars/Conferences/Seminars/Symposia, etc.
313. 23/08/2018Circular regarding dak.
314. 23/08/2018To attend to all representations of students.
315. 20/08/2018Circular for Science Departments
316. 02/08/2018Doctoral, Post Doctoral and Senior Fellowships from ICSSR, MHRD New Delhi
317. 11/07/2018Check Merit Logic
318. 11/07/2018Last date for PG Course extended
319. 11/07/2018Revised Admission Schedule for PG courses
320. 28/06/2018SC/ST faculty representative, as a special invitee, in the Admission Committee.
321. 28/06/2018Summary of meeting of all Chairpersons, held on May 28, 2018.
322. 22/06/2018New guidelines for Additional seat for Border Area Students
323. 11/06/2018Refresher Course on Cooperative Policy and Development
324. 21/05/2018Minutes of the meeting of all Chairpersons of Departments, held on April 12, 2018
325. 21/05/2018UGC letter regarding observance of Anti Terrorism Day on 21st May, 2018
326. 16/05/2018Scheme for the Award of Scholarships l ear 1018-19
327. 09/05/2018For finalizing HBI 2018
328. 19/04/2018For finalizing the final proof - HBI 2018
329. 27/03/2018Summary of meeting of all Chairpersons, February 8, 2018.
330. 27/02/2018A specimen of Department for appointing Teacher Mentor for Students.
331. 09/02/2018Summary of meeting of all Chairpersons, held on October 11, 2017.
332. 25/01/2018Summary of meeting of all Chairpersons, held on November 13, 2017
333. 18/01/2018Information regarding M.Phil Ph.D
334. 16/01/2018Application format to be filed-in by the students, who enrolled for Ph.D. progrmme after July, 2009 for verification alongwith format of certificate.
335. 13/12/2017Advisory Committee 2018
336. 13/12/2017Board of Control 2018
337. 20/11/2017Condonation of Lectures - Proforma
338. 08/11/2017Online Attendance training on 18.11.2017
339. 08/11/2017online training scheduled on 11.11.2017
340. 21/10/2017Reg : Admission to M.Phil & Phd programme
341. 18/10/2017Admission Process (Criteria) of M.Phil. ph.D programme
342. 11/10/20176th foundation day on 12.10.2017 - a special lecture by Nobel Laureate Shri Kailash Satyarthi Ji
343. 26/09/2017Information regarding ST / ST / BC / Foreign Nationals Students in Ph.D
344. 26/09/2017Reg SC ST candidates having some scholarships or fellowships in M.Phil Phd
345. 26/09/2017Admission Process (Criteria) of M.Phil./Ph.D.
346. 22/09/2017Training of Online Attendance Module postponed
347. 20/09/2017Training of officials for Online Attendance Module on 23.09.2017
348. 28/08/2017Admission Notice - M.phil and Ph.D
349. 28/08/2017Training of Online Attendance Module - to send names of 2 non teaching members
350. 25/08/2017Regarding - Admission Schedule
351. 19/08/2017Ph.d slots
352. 16/08/2017Summary of meeting of all Chairpersons of Departments, held on 21.7.2017.
353. 08/08/2017New India Manthan - Pledge on 09.08.2017 at 9.30 AM
354. 04/08/2017Notice for NRI Admission 2017
355. 27/07/2017Revised Schedule for online Admission
356. 18/07/2017Attendance Rules
357. 14/07/2017To make the University vehicle free
358. 08/07/2017Reg: Revised date of filling up of online admission Form
359. 06/07/2017For Any Querry - Contact - Faculty wise members
360. 30/06/2017Modification in the Admission Form - courses online through CRISP
361. 30/06/2017Reg : Online verification of Academic Credentials
362. 29/06/2017Ph.D guidelines 2017
363. 29/06/2017Certificate for Backward Classes - Latest
364. 05/06/2017Summary of the meeting of Chairpersons dated May 30, 2017.
365. 02/06/2017MoM of all Chairpersons dt. 16.5.17
366. 24/05/2017Academic Calendar of University Business School.
367. 24/05/2017Circular regarding Academic Calendar of July-December, 2017 Semester.
368. 24/05/2017Academic Calendar of University Business School 2017
369. 05/05/2017Reg information of Guest Faculty and Research Scholars
370. 04/05/2017Classes of 3rd/5th/7th/9th Semesters shall commence from 10th July, 2017 (Monday).
371. 02/05/2017Summary of meeting of Chairpersons of all Teaching Departments, held on April 3, 2017.
372. 20/04/2017Reg Students belonging to EWS can apply to COE for concession in Examination Fee
373. 29/03/2017Meeting Notice of Chairpersons of all Teaching Departments, Deans of Faculties and other Deans, under the Chairmanship of Vice Chancellor, will be held on 3.4.2017 at 11.00 a.m. in Senate Hall, PU.
374. 22/03/2017Regarding Study Tour/Educational Tour
375. 22/03/2017Admission of NRIs and Foreign Nationals for the session 2017-18.
376. 22/03/2017Admission of Foreign Nationals to Ph.D. Programme.
377. 27/02/2017MOST URGENT : Reg Ph.D M.Phil students on roll
378. 30/01/2017Summary of Chairpersons/Directors/Coordinators of all Teaching Departments/Centres/Institutes, and C
379. 30/01/2017Shortage of attendance - Even Semester 2017 alongwith revised proforma
380. 12/01/2017Format of Acadeic Calendar UBS
381. 12/01/2017Reg : To sensitize students for attending classes practicals and to firm up the Academic Calender by 20.1.2017
382. 12/01/2017Note on education system and salaries for academia in India.
383. 16/12/2016To organise National/International Seminars/Symposia/Workshops, etc. on short notice.
384. 14/12/2016Reg : To brief students regarding rules and norms for condonation of lectures
385. 14/12/2016Ph.D Viva to be conducted on working days only
386. 14/12/201610% relief to the students who are falling short of attendance
387. 28/11/2016Reg : Condonation of Shortage of lectures
388. 04/11/2016Regarding appointment of Guest Faculty
389. 04/11/2016departmental committee - to be submitted upto 18.11.16
390. 26/10/2016Nominations for GOI, Ministry of HRDs Teaching innovator-2016 Award
391. 21/10/2016Nation Salutes Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel from October 31--November 6, 2016
392. 19/10/2016Unique Identification Authority of India will be organizing special camps at Panjab University
393. 07/10/2016Certificate for the award of degree to the candidates registered for Ph.D prior to 11th July 2009.
394. 07/10/2016Certificate for the award of degree to the candidates registered for Ph.D. after 11th July, 2009
395. 05/10/2016Appointment of Guest Faculty for even semester starting from December, 2016/January, 2017.
396. 03/10/2016Lecture to be delivered by renowed Gandhian Dr. Ela Bhatt Ji, classes suspended from 10.00 am to 12.30 pm on 03.10.2016
397. 29/09/2016Minutes of Meeting of all Chairpersons dated 15.09.2016
398. 26/09/2016Reg: Post facto sanction and travel by Non Air India Airlines
399. 26/09/2016Extension of date of payment of Examination Fee and exemption of Exam fee to the needy students
400. 21/09/2016Reg : To send One time communication by Ordinary Post to all the parents of the candidates
401. 13/09/2016Appointment of Guest Faculty - Norms and Format
402. 09/09/2016Chairpersons' meeting re-scheduled on 15.09.2016 at 11.00 AM - Senate Hall
403. 06/09/2016Meeting Notice - Chairperson's meeting to be held on 13/9/2016 at 3.00 PM (Senate Hall)
404. 05/09/2016M.Phil Course Session 2016-17 - Schedule, Form & Name of the departments having M.Phil
405. 22/08/2016Mass Singing of National Anthem at 11.00 AM on 23.08.2016
406. 16/08/2016Circular - Proof of Identity is MUST for those who visits PU campuses (Sector 14 & 25)
407. 16/08/2016Circular - Leave account of teaching and Non teaching to be sent to Audit Branch
408. 09/08/2016Circular : Reg start of teaching for 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th students from 18.07.16
409. 09/08/2016Circular regarding time table of odd semester
410. 01/08/2016Second Counseling for admission to MCA Courses being run at the DCSA, PU, PURC, Muktsar and PURC, Hoshiarpur for the admissions of Session 2016 -2017.
411. 13/07/2016Provisional Merit List - Library Info. Science- Bachelor in Lib.Sci & Information
412. 13/07/2016SAIF - M.Tech (Instrumentation) -Waiting list will start from 15.7.16
413. 13/07/2016Anthropology - M.Sc. (HS) Waiting list will start from 15.07.16 (10.00 AM onwards)
414. 13/07/2016IETVE - Waiting list will start from 15.07.2016 (10.00 am onwards) - B.A. B.Ed.
415. 13/07/2016ISSER - Waiting list of the candidate will start from 15.07.2016 (10.00 AM onwards)
416. 12/07/2016Tentative merit list - Chemistry - M.Sc. (HS) Chemistry
417. 12/07/2016Tentative Merit List Released for First Semester of Post Graduate Courses in Social Sciences, Humanities & Languages for the Academic Session 2016-17.
418. 12/07/2016Provisional Merit List of Candidates MCA-2016
419. 12/07/2016Tentative Merit list - Human Genome - M.Sc.
420. 12/07/2016Provisional Merit list - M.A. - Education
421. 12/07/2016Provisional Merit list - M.Ed. General - Education
422. 12/07/2016Tentative merit list - System Biology & Bioinformatics
423. 12/07/2016Provisional Merit list - Environmental Studies - M.Sc.
424. 12/07/2016Provisional Merit list - SAIF - M.Tech (Instrumentation)
425. 12/07/2016Tentative merit list of Biotechnology Department - M.Sc. (Hons. School)
426. 12/07/2016Provisional Merit list - UIET Department - M.E. /M.Tech courses
427. 11/07/2016Tentative merit list of Medical Physics Department - M.Sc. (Hons. School) 1st Sem
428. 10/07/2016Tentative merit list of Centre for Public Health - Master In Public Health
429. 09/07/2016Tentative merit list - UICET - M.Sc. / M.Tech / M.E.
430. 09/07/2016Tentative merit list - M.Sc. (HS) - Zoology
431. 09/07/2016Tentative merit list - M.Pharma - UIPS
432. 09/07/2016Tentative merit list - M.Sc. Statistics Semester-I - Department of Statistics
433. 09/07/2016Tentative merit list - M.Sc. - Department of Microbial Biotechnology
434. 09/07/2016Tentative merit list - M.Sc. (HS) 1st semester - Mathematics Department
435. 09/07/2016Provisional Merit List : M.Sc.(Hons) Computer Science-2016(General) - Department of Computer Science and Applications
436. 09/07/2016Tentative merit list - MA (Community Education and Development) - Department of Community Education and Disability Studies
437. 09/07/2016Tentative Merit List of M. Sc. (Hons. School) 1st Semester Botany (Session 2016-2017) - Botany Department
438. 09/07/2016Centre for Stem Cell & Tissue Engineering - M.Sc - Date of admission of waitlisted candidates - 13th July, 2016 (10.00 AM onwards)
439. 09/07/2016University Institute of Hotel and Tourism Management (UIHTM) - Date of admission of waitlisted candidates - 13th July, 2016 (10.00 AM onwards)
440. 09/07/2016Economics Department - B.A. (Hons.) - Date of admission of waitlisted candidates - 12th July, 2016 (10.00 AM onwards)
441. 09/06/2016 Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act 2013

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