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University Institute of Hotel and Tourism Management (UIHTM) - Date of admission of waitlisted candidates - 13th July, 2016 (10.00 AM onwards)

1.   Bachelor of Hotel Management and Catering Technology (BHMCT)  - 13th July, 2016 (10.00 AM onwards)

2.   Bachelor of Tourism and Travel Management (BTTM) - 13th July, 2016 (10.00 AM onwards)

  Dated: 09/07/2016
111/06/2018Refresher Course on Cooperative Policy and Development
221/05/2018Minutes of the meeting of all Chairpersons of Departments, held on April 12, 2018
321/05/2018UGC letter regarding observance of Anti Terrorism Day on 21st May, 2018
416/05/2018Scheme for the Award of Scholarships l ear 1018-19
509/05/2018For finalizing HBI 2018
619/04/2018For finalizing the final proof - HBI 2018
727/03/2018Summary of meeting of all Chairpersons, February 8, 2018.
827/02/2018A specimen of Department for appointing Teacher Mentor for Students.
909/02/2018Summary of meeting of all Chairpersons, held on October 11, 2017.
1025/01/2018Summary of meeting of all Chairpersons, held on November 13, 2017
1118/01/2018Information regarding M.Phil Ph.D
1216/01/2018Application format to be filed-in by the students, who enrolled for Ph.D. progrmme after July, 2009 for verification alongwith format of certificate.
1313/12/2017Advisory Committee 2018
1413/12/2017Board of Control 2018
1520/11/2017Condonation of Lectures - Proforma
1608/11/2017Online Attendance training on 18.11.2017
1708/11/2017online training scheduled on 11.11.2017
1821/10/2017Reg : Admission to M.Phil & Phd programme
1918/10/2017Admission Process (Criteria) of M.Phil. ph.D programme
2011/10/20176th foundation day on 12.10.2017 - a special lecture by Nobel Laureate Shri Kailash Satyarthi Ji
2126/09/2017Information regarding ST / ST / BC / Foreign Nationals Students in Ph.D
2226/09/2017Reg SC ST candidates having some scholarships or fellowships in M.Phil Phd
2326/09/2017Admission Process (Criteria) of M.Phil./Ph.D.
2422/09/2017Training of Online Attendance Module postponed
2520/09/2017Training of officials for Online Attendance Module on 23.09.2017
2628/08/2017Admission Notice - M.phil and Ph.D
2728/08/2017Training of Online Attendance Module - to send names of 2 non teaching members
2825/08/2017Regarding - Admission Schedule
2919/08/2017Ph.d slots
3016/08/2017Summary of meeting of all Chairpersons of Departments, held on 21.7.2017.
3108/08/2017New India Manthan - Pledge on 09.08.2017 at 9.30 AM
3204/08/2017Notice for NRI Admission 2017
3327/07/2017Revised Schedule for online Admission
3418/07/2017Attendance Rules
3514/07/2017To make the University vehicle free
3608/07/2017Reg: Revised date of filling up of online admission Form
3706/07/2017For Any Querry - Contact - Faculty wise members
3830/06/2017Modification in the Admission Form - courses online through CRISP
3930/06/2017Reg : Online verification of Academic Credentials
4029/06/2017Ph.D guidelines 2017
4129/06/2017Certificate for Backward Classes - Latest
4205/06/2017Summary of the meeting of Chairpersons dated May 30, 2017.
4302/06/2017MoM of all Chairpersons dt. 16.5.17
4424/05/2017Academic Calendar of University Business School.
4524/05/2017Circular regarding Academic Calendar of July-December, 2017 Semester.
4624/05/2017Academic Calendar of University Business School 2017
4705/05/2017Reg information of Guest Faculty and Research Scholars
4804/05/2017Classes of 3rd/5th/7th/9th Semesters shall commence from 10th July, 2017 (Monday).
4902/05/2017Summary of meeting of Chairpersons of all Teaching Departments, held on April 3, 2017.
5020/04/2017Reg Students belonging to EWS can apply to COE for concession in Examination Fee
5129/03/2017Meeting Notice of Chairpersons of all Teaching Departments, Deans of Faculties and other Deans, under the Chairmanship of Vice Chancellor, will be held on 3.4.2017 at 11.00 a.m. in Senate Hall, PU.
5222/03/2017Regarding Study Tour/Educational Tour
5322/03/2017Admission of NRIs and Foreign Nationals for the session 2017-18.
5422/03/2017Admission of Foreign Nationals to Ph.D. Programme.
5527/02/2017MOST URGENT : Reg Ph.D M.Phil students on roll
5630/01/2017Summary of Chairpersons/Directors/Coordinators of all Teaching Departments/Centres/Institutes, and C
5730/01/2017Shortage of attendance - Even Semester 2017 alongwith revised proforma
5812/01/2017Format of Acadeic Calendar UBS
5912/01/2017Reg : To sensitize students for attending classes practicals and to firm up the Academic Calender by 20.1.2017
6012/01/2017Note on education system and salaries for academia in India.
6116/12/2016To organise National/International Seminars/Symposia/Workshops, etc. on short notice.
6214/12/2016Reg : To brief students regarding rules and norms for condonation of lectures
6314/12/2016Ph.D Viva to be conducted on working days only
6414/12/201610% relief to the students who are falling short of attendance
6528/11/2016Reg : Condonation of Shortage of lectures
6604/11/2016Regarding appointment of Guest Faculty
6704/11/2016departmental committee - to be submitted upto 18.11.16
6826/10/2016Nominations for GOI, Ministry of HRDs Teaching innovator-2016 Award
6921/10/2016Nation Salutes Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel from October 31--November 6, 2016
7019/10/2016Unique Identification Authority of India will be organizing special camps at Panjab University
7107/10/2016Certificate for the award of degree to the candidates registered for Ph.D prior to 11th July 2009.
7207/10/2016Certificate for the award of degree to the candidates registered for Ph.D. after 11th July, 2009
7305/10/2016Appointment of Guest Faculty for even semester starting from December, 2016/January, 2017.
7403/10/2016Lecture to be delivered by renowed Gandhian Dr. Ela Bhatt Ji, classes suspended from 10.00 am to 12.30 pm on 03.10.2016
7529/09/2016Minutes of Meeting of all Chairpersons dated 15.09.2016
7626/09/2016Reg: Post facto sanction and travel by Non Air India Airlines
7726/09/2016Extension of date of payment of Examination Fee and exemption of Exam fee to the needy students
7821/09/2016Reg : To send One time communication by Ordinary Post to all the parents of the candidates
7913/09/2016Appointment of Guest Faculty - Norms and Format
8009/09/2016Chairpersons' meeting re-scheduled on 15.09.2016 at 11.00 AM - Senate Hall
8106/09/2016Meeting Notice - Chairperson's meeting to be held on 13/9/2016 at 3.00 PM (Senate Hall)
8205/09/2016M.Phil Course Session 2016-17 - Schedule, Form & Name of the departments having M.Phil
8322/08/2016Mass Singing of National Anthem at 11.00 AM on 23.08.2016
8416/08/2016Circular - Proof of Identity is MUST for those who visits PU campuses (Sector 14 & 25)
8516/08/2016Circular - Leave account of teaching and Non teaching to be sent to Audit Branch
8609/08/2016Circular : Reg start of teaching for 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th students from 18.07.16
8709/08/2016Circular regarding time table of odd semester
8801/08/2016Second Counseling for admission to MCA Courses being run at the DCSA, PU, PURC, Muktsar and PURC, Hoshiarpur for the admissions of Session 2016 -2017.
8913/07/2016Provisional Merit List - Library Info. Science- Bachelor in Lib.Sci & Information
9013/07/2016SAIF - M.Tech (Instrumentation) -Waiting list will start from 15.7.16
9113/07/2016Anthropology - M.Sc. (HS) Waiting list will start from 15.07.16 (10.00 AM onwards)
9213/07/2016IETVE - Waiting list will start from 15.07.2016 (10.00 am onwards) - B.A. B.Ed.
9313/07/2016ISSER - Waiting list of the candidate will start from 15.07.2016 (10.00 AM onwards)
9412/07/2016Tentative merit list - Chemistry - M.Sc. (HS) Chemistry
9512/07/2016Tentative Merit List Released for First Semester of Post Graduate Courses in Social Sciences, Humanities & Languages for the Academic Session 2016-17.
9612/07/2016Provisional Merit List of Candidates MCA-2016
9712/07/2016Tentative Merit list - Human Genome - M.Sc.
9812/07/2016Provisional Merit list - M.A. - Education
9912/07/2016Provisional Merit list - M.Ed. General - Education
10012/07/2016Tentative merit list - System Biology & Bioinformatics
10112/07/2016Provisional Merit list - Environmental Studies - M.Sc.
10212/07/2016Provisional Merit list - SAIF - M.Tech (Instrumentation)
10312/07/2016Tentative merit list of Biotechnology Department - M.Sc. (Hons. School)
10412/07/2016Provisional Merit list - UIET Department - M.E. /M.Tech courses
10511/07/2016Tentative merit list of Medical Physics Department - M.Sc. (Hons. School) 1st Sem
10610/07/2016Tentative merit list of Centre for Public Health - Master In Public Health
10709/07/2016Tentative merit list - UICET - M.Sc. / M.Tech / M.E.
10809/07/2016Tentative merit list - M.Sc. (HS) - Zoology
10909/07/2016Tentative merit list - M.Pharma - UIPS
11009/07/2016Tentative merit list - M.Sc. Statistics Semester-I - Department of Statistics
11109/07/2016Tentative merit list - M.Sc. - Department of Microbial Biotechnology
11209/07/2016Tentative merit list - M.Sc. (HS) 1st semester - Mathematics Department
11309/07/2016Provisional Merit List : M.Sc.(Hons) Computer Science-2016(General) - Department of Computer Science and Applications
11409/07/2016Tentative merit list - MA (Community Education and Development) - Department of Community Education and Disability Studies
11509/07/2016Tentative Merit List of M. Sc. (Hons. School) 1st Semester Botany (Session 2016-2017) - Botany Department
11609/07/2016Centre for Stem Cell & Tissue Engineering - M.Sc - Date of admission of waitlisted candidates - 13th July, 2016 (10.00 AM onwards)
11709/07/2016Economics Department - B.A. (Hons.) - Date of admission of waitlisted candidates - 12th July, 2016 (10.00 AM onwards)
11809/06/2016 Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act 2013

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